moderated Re: Jaws with Zoom

Milton Ota



Have you gone into the Settings of Zoom and opened the Audio Settings? You may have Auto Gain Control on and this may be causing recording volumes to be on the low side.


Another thing you should check and that is do you have Audio Ducking turn on in JAWS.


If you are running the public beta of JAWS 2021 you may want to turn the Voice Assist off.


That just some thoughts to look into.






From: <> On Behalf Of Korinne Bougher
Sent: Wednesday, September 23, 2020 1:48 PM
Subject: Jaws with Zoom


Hello all,

I am trying to record a Zoom meeting and I need my Jaws voice to be heard. When I play a practice recording, the Jaws voice is really low in the background. I have tried turning my volume up to 100 percent with no success. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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