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Hi All,
Below is the download link for both the 32 and 64 bit versions, a link to the Beta report form and what's new in this release.
32 and 64 Bit Download Link:
Beta Report Form Link:

Enhancements in JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2021 Public Beta 2
The following is a list of improvements made between Public Beta 1 and Public Beta 2. Note that while many customer-reported enhancements are included
in this release, the following is a list of more notable changes.
Automatic Message Reading in Outlook 365
When you open a message from the Inbox in Outlook 365, JAWS and Fusion will now immediately begin reading the message contents without reading the title
or header information. Currently, messages are not automatically read if you ALT+TAB to an open message, or you press ENTER on a message in the Inbox that
is already open.
To further customize how messages are read, open Quick Settings (INSERT+V) while in Outlook, search for "message," and configure any of the resulting options.
A few items you might want to change include:
list of 3 items
• Message Header Field with Message Announcement: Turn this option on if you want JAWS and Fusion to announce the sender's email address and the subject
of the message when a message opens or gains focus.
• Messages Automatically Read: Turn this option off if you do not want JAWS and Fusion to automatically read messages when they are opened.
• Speak Window Titles For Read-only Messages Automatically: Turn this option on if you want JAWS and Fusion to announce the title of the message window
when a message opens or gains focus.
list end
Enhancements in JAWS 2021 Public Beta 2
list of 13 items
• Added a new Settings Center and Quick Settings option called "Pan Text by Paragraph" which is off by default. When enabled, JAWS sends an entire paragraph
to the braille display instead of only the current line as you navigate web pages and documents. This can help improve the flow of reading when panning
through text as you are less likely to encounter large amounts of empty space on the display when you reach the end of a line. You should now only encounter
blank space if you reach the end of a paragraph, and you would move to the start of the next paragraph when panning again.
• While in a Zoom meeting, you can now press CTRL+SHIFT+T to find out who is currently talking. Zoom recently added this option with CTRL+2 but we were
previously using it for a JAWS feature.
• When using the Voice Assistant in JAWS, you can now quickly specify whether or not JAWS listens for the wake word by pressing INSERT+ALT+SPACEBAR twice
quickly. Whether the wake word is on or off, you can always press this keystroke one time to have JAWS start listening for a voice command.
• In the Sound Control Panel applet, resolved a reported issue where JAWS was not reading as expected in the list views on the Playback and Recording pages.
• Addressed a reported issue where the JAWS settings Import/Export feature was not working as expected when using Windows folder redirection.
• The default graphics verbosity for JAWS is now to read only labeled graphics as it is no longer as important for JAWS to read graphics that are not labeled.
If you encounter a situation where you need to read unlabeled graphics, or you do not want to hear graphics at all, open Settings Center and search for
Graphics Verbosity.
• JAWS no longer automatically disables the "Show animations in windows" setting while running.
• Added five new Japanese voices to the Add/Remove Voices utility, which allows you to sample and download Vocalizer Expressive 2 voices for use with JAWS,
ZoomText, and Fusion.
• When using CTRL+DELETE or CTRL+BACKSPACE to delete by word in Office 365, resolved an issue where JAWS was too verbose.
• Resolved a reported issue with Windows 10 Insider Builds where Outlook becomes unusable with JAWS after leaving your system idle for a long period of
• Resolved an issue where a user had over 200 entries in a JKM (Keyboard Manager) file, causing some commands to not work as expected. We now have extended
the number allowed.
• Fusion and JAWS 2021 will now interrupt reading when you press the WINDOWS Key to open the Start Menu.
• Resolved an issue with navigating to the configuration editor in Thunderbird Email when running JAWS or Fusion.
list end
Enhancements in ZoomText 2021 and Fusion 2021 Public Beta 2
list of 4 items
• When installing ZoomText 2021 or Fusion 2021, you can now migrate your settings from an older ZoomText or Fusion release (for example, releases 2020
or 2019) to the latest ZoomText 2021 release. This includes features such as magnification level, color, pointer, cursor, and mouse enhancements, and any
custom settings you created for applications.
• Resolved a ZoomText tracking issue in InfoConnect. This is an application used by IRS employees.
• Resolved several issues in Outlook 2016 and Outlook 365:
list of 4 items nesting level 1
◦ Focus enhancements and tracking now work correctly in the Select Names: Contacts dialog.
◦ The cursor enhancement is no longer visible while selecting text in a message.
◦ The cursor enhancement is now visible when you navigate to a link in a message.
◦ Addressed other focus enhancements issues when navigating various panes in Outlook 2016.
list end nesting level 1
• Voice Assistant can now be enabled or disabled using the Voice Assistant check box in the Startup Wizard.
list end

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