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The registry editor is very accessible -- but dangerous to a novice. Make
sure to export a copy somewhere before editing the registry.

Dave Carlson
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I believe this leaves you with several choices that may not be attractive.

1. clear the WHOLE browser cache. PLEASE NOTE: you will lose all other
usernames/passwords as well. You can either do this inside the "Internet
Options", or as someone else mentioned, use a 3rd party utility such as
CCleaner (f-r-e-e download).

2. registry edit. this is a fairly convoluted process, which is documented
at the following web page:

Unfortunately I don't know if "regedit" (registry editor) is very
accessible, or if there is an alternative.

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Problem with these instructions is that usually, after I have clicked no
when it prompted me to remember the password, there is no user entry for
that website to delete. So when I press the delete key, nothing happens,
because there is no entry.

Thank you.
Bill White
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On the IE Menu click Tools, then Options.

Click the "Content" tab.

Click the AutoComplete "Settings" button.

In the "Autocomplete Settings" popup box, click to mark the check box
to "User names and passwords on forms".

Optionally, click to mark the check box select "Ask me before saving

Managing usernames and passwords for individual web sites is no obvious.

The following instructions are from the below link.

So what to do if you click NO and change your mind later

"In most cases you can get the box back easily—without having to enter
registry. You simply remove that particular user name from the login

1. Double-click inside the form field where you normally enter your
user name. This will bring up a dropdown list showing all your saved
AutoComplete user names.

2. Point (not click) to the one you want to remove, so that it is
highlighted, and then hit the Delete key.

3. Once gone, login in again. You should now get the autocomplete box
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