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Marty Hutchings

Have you made sure that you are in the play list editor page when you hit B or Z?  Control Tab will get you there.
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From: JM Casey
Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2020 2:43 PM
Subject: Re: Strange behavior with Winamp

So you mean, JAWS speaks this info as soon as you hit z, b, or whatever?

I don’t think it’s ever really done that for me.

Which I mostly like – if I’m listening to music, dj-ing or whatever,  I don’t generally want JAWS to be speaking

Too. I was considering a second sound device so I could have audio players/software and screen-readers on totally separate systems but now that I mostly use braille, I’m not too bothered.

For feedback from winamp , usually if you just return to its window it will tell you its title. You can also get this by hitting insert-t, which reads the title bar that displays track name and artist.


If you want this info automatically spoken when you hit one of the bottom-letter-row control keys for the player – I’m not really sure what to tell you. It seems to me like not speaking that info is the norm and the other way would be the aberration, but that seems to be what you prefer and I don’t know what occasionally causes JAWS to speak that info after a keypress or how you can ensure that it continues to do so always.



From: <> On Behalf Of Bill White
Sent: September 22, 2020 3:18 PM
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Subject: Strange behavior with Winamp


Hi. I'm using Winamp version 5.66 with JAWS 2020. Occasionally, winamp will stop giving me the track number, title, and artist as I use the B command for next track, or the Z command for previous track. Once this happens, I have tried many things including,

1. Rebooting the computer.

2. Reinstalling Winamp.

3. Restarting JAWS.

4. Repairing JAWS.


Sometimes, for no apparent reason, Winamp, after exhibiting this behavior will suddenly begin voicing track number, title, and artist again.


Have other people experienced this behavior with Winamp, JAWS and Windows 10? If so, have you found any way to get JAWS to begin voicing track number, title, and artist again when it stops doing so?


Thank you.


Bill White



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