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Same applies to email accounts or Exchange accounts, all data is stored on the server and as soon as you set up the account on a new device everything syncs, it's beautiful and absolutely the way to go nowadays. I have been using (formerly Hotmail) for my personal email for over 10 years and for work I use Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365 and I have not lost any emails or contacts and did not have to worry about backing up Outlook data files for many years. If I get a new computer or iPhone I just set up my account by putting in my email address and password and it's all there a short while later, I don't have to worry about incoming and outgoing ports, I don't have to worry on which device I read, send or delete my email, it's always in sync and the same everywhere.


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If your email account was  an imap account then your folders should be automatically re-created when you setup that email account in Outlook.

This imap is normally the default for modern email accounts. However if the email account is not set up then the folders will not appear.


If your  previous account was set up under the older pop3 system you will need to find the relevant PST file on your old computer  and manually import this using the import feature under Outlook – I believe under the file menu.

Finding the PST  file on your old computer may be a bit of a struggle but you can search under windows for Outlook.pst where hopefully you will find a folder with the various PST files stored.


David Griffithbe a bit




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Hi All,


I just got a new laptop and the professionals I paid to move everything over from old laptop to the new did not do well even though we’ve used service before.

Slowly sorting out issues. I have windows 10 and latest JAWS 2020 and latest Leasey from Harjen consulting.


I have Microsoft office 365. I thought all of my Outlook was backed up! The folders were in Outlook.


On my old computer are over 500 folders, mostly work related that are associated with a separate inbox. I was assured these would be moved over but they are not.

Can I email myself folders?

How would I set up the structure or do I have to go into each folder and send myself individual files.


Is there a good place to put these. The over five hundred folders were attached to  an email that I no longer access but had started folder creation there originally so just kept adding to it.

I have just done control e when inbox was in focus and they all alphabetized under that.


Feel free to PM me at sharon.ballantyne@... if you have guidance.


With thanks.

Respectfully yours

Sharon Ballantyne



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