moderated Help please can I move outlook folders from one computer to another

Sharon Ballantyne

Hi All,


I just got a new laptop and the professionals I paid to move everything over from old laptop to the new did not do well even though we’ve used service before.

Slowly sorting out issues. I have windows 10 and latest JAWS 2020 and latest Leasey from Harjen consulting.


I have Microsoft office 365. I thought all of my Outlook was backed up! The folders were in Outlook.


On my old computer are over 500 folders, mostly work related that are associated with a separate inbox. I was assured these would be moved over but they are not.

Can I email myself folders?

How would I set up the structure or do I have to go into each folder and send myself individual files.


Is there a good place to put these. The over five hundred folders were attached to  an email that I no longer access but had started folder creation there originally so just kept adding to it.

I have just done control e when inbox was in focus and they all alphabetized under that.


Feel free to PM me at sharon.ballantyne@... if you have guidance.


With thanks.

Respectfully yours

Sharon Ballantyne


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