moderated Re: Accessible typing test?


if a simpler, more basic program is needed, check out Rocky's Audio Typing TutorV2

I found it a few years ago, and it works quite well, very intuitive to use, and it's menu driven. I think it uses whatever screen reader you're using, or it maybe self voicing. I don't know if it works in Windows 10 as well as it did in Windows 7.

On 9/21/2020 4:04 PM, Betsy Binney wrote:
I typically use Talking Typer to test my clients. APH SELLS IT.
Betsy R. Binney

On Sep 21, 2020, at 2:53 PM, Ann Byrne <> wrote:

´╗┐Can anyone please suggest a typing speed test that can be used with JAWS?

thanks a lot,



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