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Dave Durber


The correct keystroke is, CTRL+SHIFT+CAPS LOCK+J, to open the JAWS menue.



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Press control shift and caps lock key HTH

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Subject: [External] Accessing jaws menu in laptop layout

Hi all,

I have occasion to use the laptop layout with Jaws 2020.

However, I'm unable to access the jaws menu as I prefer to run it from the system tray.

When I use the keyboard shortcut of jaws key (capslock in this case)+j, the only thing that's announced is blank.

Interestingly, when I plug in a keyboard that has an insert key and use that instead of capslock it works perfectly.

Does anyone know if the key to access the jaws menu from system tray is different in laptop layout?

Jaws help doesn't seem to have the answer.



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