Moderated Re: Excel and JAWS Question

Bob Kennedy

As far as being able to compete with a sighted user, the quick answer is no. You can get close if you have a fantastic memory and can remember all of the Jaws commands for reading. Don't mean to be discouraging, I'm being honest, which a lot of people don't like.
On Friday, September 18, 2020, 12:42:14 PM EDT, Walker, Michael E <michael.e.walker3@...> wrote:



What is the fastest way to get familiar with a large spreadsheet for the first time using JAWS, if you have no idea what is in it? My co-worker told me that as soon as she opens a spreadsheet, she can immediately see everything she needs to know on screen. I am trying to learn if there is a way to use a computer as fast as someone who can see in every situation. I am totally blind.




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