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I've never appreciated sighted people thinking that tasks need to be done at the speed of light.
I find it annoying when sighted people think I need help if it takes me 10 seconds longer to find a door for example.
Likewise, what is so important about being able to see what a file is about half a minute faster than a Blind person's technique.
some sighted people speed-read, and I believe that they don't absorb the information as well as a typical reader.
And some Blind folks can read Braille or synthetic speech faster than sighted people can read print.

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Spreadsheets can be written in formats from the sublime to the ridiculous.  As a totally blind user, I try to write down the headings and so get an idea of the organization of the spreadsheet.  However, since your co-worker is looking at a full screen and you are accessing the spreadsheet cell by cell, what you can learn depends entirely on the complexity of the spreadsheet itself.  No matter how you choose to learn about the functions of the spreadsheet, it’s going to take you longer than it would take a sighted person.  For complicated financial spreadsheets, even looking at the screen can be a daunting experience.






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What is the fastest way to get familiar with a large spreadsheet for the first time using JAWS, if you have no idea what is in it? My co-worker told me that as soon as she opens a spreadsheet, she can immediately see everything she needs to know on screen. I am trying to learn if there is a way to use a computer as fast as someone who can see in every situation. I am totally blind.




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