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Scott Pearl

Whether the below way is as fast as a sighted person, Idon’t know. There may be other ways to figure out quickly the content of a spreadsheet you’re not familiar with but the below way is how I like to do it.

Typically, I will just start pressing control with the arrow keys to start navigating regions. I’m looking for how big this spreadsheet actually is. If it only goes out for a few regions, this method will be extremely quick. But if there are dozens or hundreds of regions, then after awhile I will use the go to key to go to the edge of the spreadsheet and then control left arrow or control up arrow to get to the last populated cell. There are key combinations that JAWS has to tell you which cells are populated but they don’t help me as I think very spatially and to see what’s at the far right of a spreadsheet, it’s more difficult for me to conceptualize it when I had to press down arrow to get there.

I’ve gotten fairly quick at the above steps and I can typicaly pick up how big a large spreadsheet is in about 10-15 seconds. It’s probably not as fast as a sighted person can get that information by just looking at the screen but it works for me.

Once I’ve gotten my boundaries I begin looking at how they have it laid out. Where are column and row headers, formulas, inserted data and so on.

Again, there are other methods and keystrokes that JAWS has of getting this information but if you’re one who needs to think spatially by pressing the arrow keys with control, this method has worked for me.    


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What is the fastest way to get familiar with a large spreadsheet for the first time using JAWS, if you have no idea what is in it? My co-worker told me that as soon as she opens a spreadsheet, she can immediately see everything she needs to know on screen. I am trying to learn if there is a way to use a computer as fast as someone who can see in every situation. I am totally blind.




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