moderated Re: Excel and JAWS Question

Mark Fisher


When you first enter the workbook, you can use JAWS Key+F1 to provide some basic information about what is in each tab such as the amount of cells with data, size of the data ranges and any JAWS customising that has been done on the spreadsheet. You can move between the tabs and execute this command in each tab. Whilst not ideal, it gives you a starting point.

A good practice to get into and to advise others to do is to create a Notes tab at the front of the workbook to describe what's in the workbook and each tab especially if its a complicated workbook. This also helps when others are trying to follow the steps of what people have done to create the workbook. I use this to describe briefly what's in each tab and also where the data came from. It may take a few minutes longer when setting up the workbook but makes everything easier for people coming into the workbook for the first time whether they can see or not.

Mark Fisher
Principal - HR Systems
Water Corporation

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