moderated Re: Switching voice profiles according to your mood

David Griffith

Yes this is easily done as long as you have set up the Profiles.

Simply press Jaws Keys plus control and S for speech profile and you can cursor down the list of available profiles and press enter on the one you want.


Shout back if you need help setting up the Profiles. In my view Jaws should do this automatically for each voice installed but  will not do so. You will get the option to change to each main synthetiser group automatically but you will have to save a profile for say each Vocaliser Expressive voice in Jaws separately if you want it to appear in the list with this keystroke. This is tedious to set up but pretty straightforward when you know how.


David G.


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From: Mark
Sent: 18 September 2020 10:17
Subject: Switching voice profiles according to your mood


Does anyone have experiences with changing JAWS voices or voice profile according to your mood? For example, reading in the evening it might be nicer to have an evening voice profile with softer tones and slower speed. I imagine the same could apply between switching things up to read a poem versus a work email. Perhaps it also requires having a custom Speech and Sound Scheme for each mood too.  I'm not sure how best to approach that, or even if others have been down this same road. It would be ideal to switch things for moods with only a couple of keyboard commands.


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