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Les Kriegler

Hi Mike,

When this was first posted, I followed those steps. I still hear the words “Table View.” I’m not concerned about that as overall, Outlook is working well. On occasion, Outlook will not open, other than that, it is functioning well.

Best Regards,




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Hi Pastor Gil,


I don't run Outlook, but this is something to try that has worked for others.


 Open the Settings Center while in the application or open the default all applications Settings Center if you want to do this for all applications.  Insert + 6, on the number row for Settings Center and press, Control, Shift + D, for Settings Center default all applications.


 Down arrow to, Web / HTML / PDFs closed, right arrow toopen.


Down arrow to, Reading, right arrow to open.


Down arrow to, Configure Web Verbosity Levels closed, right arrow to open.


Down arrow to, Medium..., press the spacebar to open.  Note, don't press enter here, only use the spacebar.


Down arrow many times to, Table grid checked, or use first letter navigation, and uncheck this.

Now, Okay, then apply, and okay.

Take care and stay safe.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!


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Well, in Outlook if there is a group of messages, JAWS starts at the bottom of the list instead of at the top.

When I am on the desk top, jaws says selected and then unselected over and over.

Also in Outlook when I am in my inbox Jaws says table view.  It never did that before.

Pastor Gil


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Can you share with the group why?




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Subject: Beta


I have gone back to Jaws 2020 until the next beta comes out.


Pastor Gil

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