moderated Re: Is there a way to not have Vocalizer substitute what it thinks works for abbreviations?



           What you suggest will work to force JAWS to pass what amounts to the full word for it's "known list of abbreviations" to the synth.  But it does not get the desired effect when it's off, and the synth itself has a "known list of abbreviations" that it expands on its own, which is what seems to be the issue here.  Some don't want the synth doing that, ever, and you would either have to have a way to instruct the synth to turn that feature off, or create exceptions that the screen reader would pass to the synth to force letter by letter announcement.


             Even though I said earlier it was beyond the scope of this discussion, I absolutely love playing with regular expressions, so here are three that would solve the street/saint issue along with the TV issue:

Regular Expression                     Substitution
[sS][tT]\.?\s(\w+)\s[sS][tT]\.?               Saint \1 Street
[sS][tT]\.?\s(\w+)(?!\s[sS][tT]\.?)          Saint \1
[Tt][Vv][Ss] Tee Veez

And the one related to television will accept the three letters side by side in any combination of capitalization as it is written now.


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