moderated Re: Is there a way to not have Vocalizer substitute what it thinks works for abbreviations?


On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 11:35 AM, Richard Turner wrote:
A simple matter unless the synth overrides the exception, then you are stuck.
But I have never seen a synth do this.   The very purpose of an exception is to tell the screen reader to pass something to the synth that one knows will be pronounced as the end user wants it to be pronounced.

I have seen a great many users not understand how to create an exception correctly.  And if they need a broad exception, like the GD- followed by numbers, and don't know regular expression syntax, there's no way to do it for GD- followed by any random set of digits.

But the fact remains that if each synth had an exception mechanism of its own then you would have to learn, synth by synth, how to make those exceptions.  It is a far easier task to learn how to tell your screen reader how to pass exceptions, which will work with any synth (so far, anyway), than it would be to try to learn how each and every synth one might want to try implements exceptions (if such a mechanism were to exist, and to my knowledge, it doesnt).

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