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Richard Turner

GD is the braille contraction for good.

Perhaps it is being confused that this should be the default at all times?

It’s like S t always being pronounced street, when it is equally used for Saint.


I do not know if that is something Vispero controls or the creators of the voice.  Personally, I wish those kind of abbreviations were always just spelled out.





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I think that the most likely method for affecting change, and it's a very necessary change in my opinion, is to have as many users as possible storm Vispero as well as Nuance and insist on these changes. Other than adding dictionary exceptions I know of no way to disable these exceptions and there really should be a way. In fact, I honestly question whether these exceptions should even be built into this software but by software I'm referring to Nuance and not JAWS. I'm not certain if contacting Nuance directly will make a difference. However, Vispero is technically the customer of Nuance since I'm sure they have paid a large licensing fee in order to include Nuance voices with their products. Therefore, if a good customer like Vispero advocated for this change because their customers were insisting on it it's perhaps possible that Nuance might respond favorably.


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On 9/15/2020 11:19 PM, Kevin Minor wrote:



I’m encountering an issue with Vocalizer and JAWS. It’s substituting what it thinks something should be, and it’s wrong. Let me illustrate.


There is a ham radio called the GD-77. Vocalizer says it’s the good 77, and that’s not right. The letters should be spelled out. I tried to do a dictionary entry for the word, but it didn’t work. I also never knew Google had a service called grams mail. This is annoying, and because of it I’m back to good old Eloquence. I prefer Vocalizer’s speech, but not with all the so-called “helpful” abbreviation conversions.


Thanks in advance.


Kevin and Jilly

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