Moderated Re: a strange issue with my windows ten computer.

JM Casey

Although you havent’ said precisely, you talk about a batterya nd lid and that makes me think you are using a laptop. That would seem to possibly negate what I’m about to say. Nevertheless, the other thing that can cause spontaneous-seeming shutdowns aside from overheating, is a faulty power supply or power strip. Essentially the computer shuts down to prevent an overload/surge from damaging it. Do you have power issues in your home? Is it plugged into a power strip that’s possibly old or damaged?


Not quite sure about laptops (you would think they would default to battery power, but again, I really don’t know), but the internal power supplies of desktops can fail and this will  eitehr cause the computer to simply not turn on or create intermitent issues like this.



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Subject: a strange issue with my windows ten computer.


Hi all,

When I first turn on my computer, after it has been off for a few hours, all works ok, except, all of a sudden, the computer shuts down. I could be reading an email, or listening to a song, or whatever, and all of a sudden I have nothing. I asked my sighted wife is the screen showed anything, and she said it was blank. So, I do a reboot, and it comes up, and after that, all is fine, until the next time, when I shut down for a while, and the sequence begins again, I start the computer, it works ok for let's say ten minutes or so, and then it shuts down. And after I reboot, all is fine.

I am running windows ten, and, jaws 2020.I went into my control panel, and to power options, and told it to shut down, when I shut the computer down, ion battery an plugged in. I also told it, to shut down, when on battery when the lid closes, and the same when plugged you have any ideas why it is acting this way? Thanks for your help. Jim

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