moderated On senator's web site

kevin meyers

Hello, I’m using most recent versions of windows10 and Chrom. I’m on a senator’s web site. I was filling out a form. I wasn’t able to advance to the next screen after filling out the form. I figured there might be an error. I went back to the top of the screen and arrowed down to see if I could find the error. When I got to the place to enter my street address and tried to arrow past it, it went into a menu and said manage addresses. I could only tab off this to advance to the next field. No matter what, I couldn’t arrow from one field to the next. Couldn’t find the error and didn’t even know if that was the problem. I then tabbed back and forth and suddendly I was on a Chrom page for settings. I couldn’t get off this page. What could be the problem? Is it Chrom or the senator’s web site? Thanks, Kevin

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