moderated Re: Email from Amazon regarding a return

Alan Robbins



I have not done this with the most recent Jaws2020 update but have with the previous version of Jaws 2020. The rest of my setup is same as yours. I have never had to forward to my iPhone as my Gmail account is on both my computer as well as iPhone. Can you install the email address you receive on your computer on your iPhone?




From: <> On Behalf Of kevin meyers
Sent: Monday, September 14, 2020 6:35 PM
Subject: Email from Amazon regarding a return


Hello, I’m using windows10, Outlook 2016 and the most recent version of Jaws2020. When an item is returned to Amazon and email is sent with a QR code. Jaws doesn’t recognize the code. In the past I would print out the email and or forward it to my IPhone. This recent return the code doesn’t show up when I print it. Also it doesn’t appear in the email I forwarded to my IPhone. Is there something in Outlook that could be causing the code to disappear? I should say that when I look at the email on my IPhone, it says image removed by sender. I didn’t remove anything. Any thoughts? Cheers, Kevin


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