moderated Re: Is "Telehealth" a standardized app, and is it accessible?


Telehealth is more a term rather than a platform.

I own a language interpreting agency and when we book interpreters for remote sessions it’s considered a telehealth appointment, but the platforms are usually, Facetime, Zoom or some other video conferencing platform.

More often than not, it’ll be You’ll likely end up getting a link that you click on where you’ll then be able to interact with your physician via video chat in your browser.

I can’t speak to general accessibility stuff, since I broker out my work and haven’t actually done any of these assignments myself. I’d imagine though that accessibility shouldn’t be an issue. You can always reach out to your provider to let them know that you use assistive technology and your concerns. Maybe they can give you a test/dummy link to play with.




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Subject: Is "Telehealth" a standardized app, and is it accessible?




I am using Windows 10 and JAWS 2020, all updated.  Soon, I have a doctor who wants to do Telehealth with me.  Is Telehealth a standardized app?  That is, is it the same app that would be used by all doctors; like Zoom?  Also, is it accessible with JAWS?




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