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Hello Afik,
Thank you for your reply. If the devices were the same in JAWS and
Zoom, then the sound of JAWS would be emitted on the other person's
computer if I shared computer sound.
I am trying not to have JAWS heard on the other side and just the
audio of the music or occasionally video from Youtube that I would be

On 9/12/20, Afik Souffir <> wrote:

No! the devices have to be the same in jaws and zoom.
Just press alt s, then tab to share computer sound. Check this checkbox and
press enter. You're done.


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Subject: Zoom and sharing computer sound

I am trying to share computer sound in Zoom so that I can play some audio to
meeting attendees.
I have a USB headset/microphone and I was told that the way to accomplish
the task at hand is to change the sound card in JAWS to the headset and
change the sound in the Zoom audio settings to speakers but even when I did
this, from the audio settings menu in the Zoom meeting I had, the JAWS sound
still came through.
I also tried changing to the internal system microphone in audio settings,
but this still did not resolve the issue.
How do I go about ensuring that JAWS sound is not heard when I go to share
computer sound?
I know that I can also turn off JAWS speech, but I would rather try to find
a solution that does not have me doing this step.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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