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Richard Turner

Thank you Loy,

I noticed there are four options, 1. only from the Microsoft Store, 2.  anywhere, but warn me if tit is not from the Microsoft store, 3.  anywhere but let me know if there is a comparable app in the Microsoft store, and 4.  Anywhere.


That should help in the future.




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Here is the steps to tell Windows to let you install non Windows Store apps  This will fix your problem.

1.    Click Start > Click Settings.

2.    In the Settings window, click Apps.

3.    In Apps & Features, change “Choose where to get apps” from The Microsoft Store only (recommended) to Anywhere.

4.    Close the Settings window. The change will only take effect when you close the window.

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Dear Listers:


I understand that  the new JAWS 2021 Beta version has just come out.  I am trying to install it.  I am using a Desktop computer, Windows 10 and the latest version of JAWS.  I have downloaded and saved the application for the new Beta version but when I go to the folder where it is and hit the Enter key after locating it, instead of giving me the option to install it I am getting a dialog that just says “get app from store.”  I know apps are only used with phones and I don’t know how to handle apps as I have only a cell phone, not an i-phone, so I don’t know how to rectify this problem and download the Beta version to my Desktop.




Rick Miller


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