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Chris Hill

I don't think bits matter here;64-bit operating systems can use older 32-bit drivers.  The real problem here likely has to do with bluetooth, and I agree with the other poster, USB is more likely to work.

On 9/12/2020 10:51, Dave Durber wrote:
Hello Justin:
The question is: if the Apex is to be used as a braille display with a screen reader, can it be used with both 32 BIT and 64 BIT operating systems, given that 32 BIT operating systems, can run on 64 BIT systems?
Dave Durber
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Subject: Isue with setting up an older braille display with JAWS and Pc.

Hello group,


Earlier today, I initiated the process of setting up my apex with JAWS and Windows to use as a braille display with my home Pc.

Prior to this, I had wondered if given when the Apex came onto the market, that its compatibility with Windows10 might be an issue. It turns out that it is indeed a problem.

One of the Technical reps from Human ware suggested that I purchase a Bluetooth Dongle which might resolve the compatibility issue, though he was not certain of this. He also couldn't suggest a specific Dongal, as there are any number of types to choose from.

I understand that Apex technology is ageing out. However, at this point, I do not have $5K to purchase a Braillenote.

Has anyone here encountered this same issue with respect to the Apex, or other braille displays. Whether yes or no, any input is appreciated.


Best to all, Justin

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