moderated Re: I have a stubborn Bluetooth speaker that doesn't cooperate with the JAWS feature to not cut off speech or let it start without cutting off the beginning of speech.

Chris Hill

The original solution to this problem (which I still prefer) is silencio.  You might give it a try.


On 9/11/2020 22:35, Kevin Minor wrote:



I have a Polaroid Bluetooth speaker that starts with a low volume when trying to listen to speech. I thought the new feature of JAWS would solve this problem, but it doesn’t.


Any ideas? It has decent sound, and the battery life is good. I’d like to take this speaker into my bedroom to listen to music to sleep with, and I guess it’s good enough for that, but I’d also like JAWS to work so I could check email if I want with my Bluetooth keyboard. Is there any hope for this, or am I stuck?


Thanks in advance.

Have a blessed day and don’t work too hard.


Kevin and Jilly

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