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Leedy Diane Bomar

Diane Bomar

On Sep 11, 2020, at 12:57, Chris Hill <> wrote:

´╗┐My point is that it is not exploitation, at least not proven as of yet. If they don't keep working, we lose access. How much of their work is required to keep the thing going may be questioned, but doubting its existence is not sensible.

On 9/11/2020 13:49, soner wrote:
Mr. Hill, my aim is not to discuss the strength or weaknesses of any
screen reading software, but to point at a blatant exploitation of a
defacto monopoly. So, I do not think that it is as simple as to say
love or leave.

On 9/11/20, Chris Hill <> wrote:
You could happily use a three or four year old version of jaws, if you
didn't get online, didn't allow windows to upgrade and didn't use office
365, otherwise, you can either pay or switch to nvda. I'll pay, if
NVDA did all I wanted it to do, I could save some money, but as far as I
can tell, there are still things I need that it doesn't do so there it
is. I'm grateful for jaws, having tried nvda, and tried a mac and left
lacking the access I want on both. Nothing is perfect, but of the
three, jaws is still the best for what I do. Others who want or need
less can probably save themselves a ton of money.

On 9/11/2020 13:25, soner wrote:
When you divide one feature into bits and pieces and scale it to
versions and eat up people's SMas and ask for upgrade to avail the
remaining parts of one feature introduced in the past, this makes
nothing but a fact clear that this is a sheer robbery. But of course,
we are almost unlikely to hear any American blindness advocating
foundation to bring this years of version proliferation issue to the

My last words to you the Americans, wake up and beware what's going on
with your versions and how they're eaten up guys!

On 9/11/20, soner via <> wrote:
Hi, I am almost sure that the voluntary FS lawyers in the list will
keep flooding and trolling upon this feed-back, but I cannot help
stating that this version is a joke, and FS makes it for years. I
really would like to know, what is/are the major change/changes making
this version to be called 21?

On 9/11/20, Mike B <> wrote:
Hi All,

Below is a note about Jaws2021 Beta tech support and the link to the
report page.

While in public beta, general technical support of JAWS, ZoomText, or

2021 is not available using our direct support phone lines or email.
you may use normal support lines in order to resolve any problems you
experience related to installation or authorization using the Public
For all
other issues you may discover, we ask that you send feedback directly
Freedom Scientific using the
Beta Report Form web page. Please bookmark the report page in your web
browser so that you can easily locate it if you need technical
Also, please submit one
problem per report.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool. Go dodgers!


I totally disagree with your argument! It is, and has been, exploitation since JFW was allowed to exist rather than MS including full access in Windows. There ridiculous argument was that they didn't want to put the adaptive tecch vendors out of business. It had absolutely nothing to do with what was best for blind customers. Adding full access to Windows, may have added pennies to each copy sold, but, no, we were FORCED to pay exorbitant prices, over 25 years for a subpar product! In 2010, DOJ was ordered to write language and regs for ADA that would require equal access to virtual environments. Keep in mind that WCAG 2.0 was written before anyone had smartphones, so in 2010 the landscape was very different than it is today. DOJ wanted clarity from the W3C and that did not come until June, 2019. By that time, the DOJ civil rights division was pretty much destroyed by our current administration. However, in 2019 2400 lawsuits were filed in the courts against companies who refused to make their apps and web sites accessible. Funny thing is that in 2017 FS began to wooing large corporations, such as Amazon. They wanted to own the accessible web and app space, and wanted these companies to be dependent on them to make their web sites work. Thus, the purchase of The Paciello Group (TPG), which has its own sordid history that I will not go into at this point.

I want inclusion not dependence. Companies need to train their own development staffs in accessibility design considerations, and require their developers to code for accessibility in such a way that it does not compromise the visual integrity of the product. Vispero is in the business of keeping blindness accessibility issues out of the mainstream, and it hurts all of us. They have monopolized, and intentionally taken away other options, such as Window-Eyes, which if that deal had gone on in the mainstream market would have been not allowed by the Federal Trade Commission.

There are great articles in Medium, a great app, btw about accessibility, politics, and anything people want to submit.

The bottom line is that we need a Federal administration that cares about civil rights, restores DOJ, and allows them to update the 30 year old ADA. This attitude of acceptance of subpar products and services, and depending on the private sector to do the "right thing" is irrational, at best. The placid attitudes of blind people refusing to take charge of our place in society, and settling for the table scraps, must stop! Vispero is a disgraceful company, that has exponentially grown for the sole purpose of exploiting the needs of people who are blind. They have duped government and academic institutions, in much the same way that a dictator would. They eliminate choice, and we are all beholden to them. People are "grateful" to them and "fear" a world in which they don't exist. Wake up, people! We are not a subclass of humans, we deserve equal employment opportunities and must be included in mainstream society, not depend on companies that encourage the myth that blind people are aliens and need special companies who understand their needs! Yes, Vispero is a great example of American capitalism, defining a market, as a separate niche and exploiting everyone.Hardware is a separate matter, and I won't go into that debacle, here. The bottom line is full inclusion within mainstream companies.

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