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Dan Longmore

Most companies which are in business , in part, to make a profit continually add and change features in the desire to keep you returning for their product. Part of the American system and consumers are free to choose if they will invest.
With screen readers and other products features change and must continually be upgraded. Most technology today , apps and operating systems, are being updated every few weeks or months and thus screen readers are forced to update, upgrade and adapt.
While one can use an older screen reader without updating the person, will most likely, fail to achieve the best possible experience and may even encounter problems that make some software and sites inaccessible.
The model has its problems, to be sure, but the best we have right now.


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When you divide one feature into bits and pieces and scale it to versions and eat up people's SMas and ask for upgrade to avail the remaining parts of one feature introduced in the past, this makes nothing but a fact clear that this is a sheer robbery. But of course, we are almost unlikely to hear any American blindness advocating foundation to bring this years of version proliferation issue to the court.

My last words to you the Americans, wake up and beware what's going on with your versions and how they're eaten up guys!

On 9/11/20, soner via <soner.boun@...> wrote:
Hi, I am almost sure that the voluntary FS lawyers in the list will
keep flooding and trolling upon this feed-back, but I cannot help
stating that this version is a joke, and FS makes it for years. I
really would like to know, what is/are the major change/changes making
this version to be called 21?

On 9/11/20, Mike B <mb69mach1@...> wrote:
Hi All,

Below is a note about Jaws2021 Beta tech support and the link to the
Beta report page.

While in public beta, general technical support of JAWS, ZoomText, or

2021 is not available using our direct support phone lines or email.
you may use normal support lines in order to resolve any problems you
experience related to installation or authorization using the Public
For all
other issues you may discover, we ask that you send feedback directly
to Freedom Scientific using the Beta Report Form web page. Please
bookmark the report page in your web browser so that you can easily
locate it if you need technical assistance.
Also, please submit one
problem per report.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool. Go dodgers!

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