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I have it installed and played around with it using a demo account since I have still been too busy to buy Quick
Books Online and get my accountant to help me set it up with the correct accounts and so on, but if anything it's probably even more accessible than the web interface although of course if you have to do any amount of typing the usual challenge exists with a smartphone versus a PC with a keyboard. Yes, I know you can connect a keyboard to an iPhone, but if you want to do any sort of editing of what you type and need to do a lot of reviewing of various aspects of what is on the screen I still find a PC with Windows and Jaws vastly more efficient. But the fact is that it is very accessible.

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Has anyone used Quick Books on a smart phone?

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Quickbooks Online is the best route to go, as it is accessible with any screen reader.

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Is quick books accessible with JAWS? When I worked with it years ago, it was pretty manageable. Is it still?


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