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Chris Hill

Interesting.  I turned on my confirmation dialog and tried it with the beta.  after I hit y, it just announced the name of the next file in the list.  The weird thing is that when I have the dialog turned off, i get silence after I hit the delete key.  I suspect your situation may be due to a different jaws version than I have, or perhaps your computer is a bit on the slow side or something.  There is a text out delay setting in misc settings in settings center.  I'd try putting a small number in there if it is set to 0, it might just help.


On 9/10/2020 18:40, Morey Worthington wrote:
Hi all, using Jaws 2020  on a W10 2004 desktop machine.

Here is my example, whether something can be done or not, If  I want to delete a .txt file, Jaws asks me if I want to  do this, which is just fine.  Annd now the really bothersome thing, Jaws goes right back to the thing I want to delete and says the title over again. Can I get it to just do the delete thing and move on? Then it goes on its merry way. Is there a setting somewhere I can not have it do this?

Or is it just my old age getting the best of me?


Morey Worthington

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