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Shirley Tracy

Thanks Dan,


I don’t care about speed, but after I posted my need to the list, I phoned HP and—yes, I did it—purchased HP deskjet 3755 all in one printer. I don’t print large amounts at one time. I do print small amounts regularly and large printings on occasion. But I’m familiar with the HP 3800 series, and know its weaknesses and its strengths. For my use, I decided it was okay and certainly in my price range. Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas.






Shirley Tracy


From: Dan Longmore
Sent: Thursday, September 10, 2020 2:40 PM
Subject: Re: Need help choosing printer/scanner



  I use an Epson Perfection scanner but also have a Brother 4 in 1 printer  / scanner which Open Book recognizes and is able to use if needed.  The Brother is great on ink and has an on screen interface that is fairly accessible with JAWS.  Not the fastest printer or scanner though if you are looking for speed. 




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Subject: Need help choosing printer/scanner


Good morning list,


My printer has finally given up. Can anyone please give me a suggestion of an easy-to-use  printer and scanner that works well with JAWS? I also need one that will work well with Open Book—although I don’t normally scan large batches and don’t need one that has that ability. I’m using a DEL Computer with JAWS 2020, latest update, and Windows 10. My computer doesn’t have BlueTooth, so I don’t need that in a printer.


Thankfully, I know someone who is willing to install it for me. I do well to use it, much less understand how it works or how to set it up. 😒    


Thanks for any help.




Shirley Tracy



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