Re: JAWS not speaking the minimize maximize and close symbol

John Martyn <johnrobertmartyn@...>

I figured out the problem. Windows 7 is all jacked up on this other laptop.
Needs to be reloaded because there are other mystery problems as well I
discovered. I had reloaded jaws and everything. Thanks for all your

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Hi John,

There is a keystroke, Insert + the END, that is the E N D, key, that is
supposed to read the top line of the active window, is this the keystrroke
that you are using to access the top line? If you are running Widows7 &
this keystroke is not working, you might have to change the Theme in the
Theme Gallery to Windows Classic. Below is how to change this.

1. While on the desktop press the F5 key to make sure that nothing is
2. Press the applications key, arrow down to Personalize & press enter.
3. You will now be in the Themes Gallery. here the different themes are in
columns. To find the Windows Classic Theme, arrow down to Windows7 Basic, &
right arrow 1 time, this should place you on Windows Classic now, just press

One other thing to suggest is, did you route the Jaws cursor to the PC
cursor, press the page-up button to take the cursor to the top of the page,
to see if the symbols are there?! I know you are a very knowledgeable
computer user & know about what I've mentioned above but, I just thought I
would throw in my 2 cents worth in case you overlooked something. Take
P. S., Please let the list know how you finally get this resolved.

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Subject: JAWS not speaking the minimize maximize and close symbol

While doing some testing on some software, I noticed on another computer
that it doesn't read the minimize maximize and close button symbols at the
top of the window, it only reading the title of the window. This window
not close with alt+F4 either and I need to click the close button. It is
doing this for all applications on this system so the JAWS cursor doesn't
see the buttons. Has anyone encountered this issue and possibly a fix?
Thanks in advance,
John Martyn

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