moderated Re: Problem downloading August version of Jaws


IME, if you open Chrome's downloads with control+j if it isn't open already, arrow down and you'll find a "keep" link or button. press space bar on it to complete the download, or just use Firefox to avoid having to do this.

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From: kevin meyers []
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020, 9:41 AM
Subject: Problem downloading August version of Jaws
Hello, I’m using windows10 and Google chrome. I have tried numerous
times to download the most recent version of Jaws and never completes. I
go to the site to download it. The site never gives me an error message.
I then press alt F4 and get a new screen stating the download is in
progress. I arrow through the screen and there is a message saying “This
file cannot be downloaded securely.” I have the option to discard or
keep. Has anyone have this problem?



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