moderated Ebook acces with JAWS

Justin Mcdevitt <jhmcdev@...>

Hello Group,

I have read a number of Ebooks using IOs and have just purchased an ebook  that I would like to access/read using JAWS.

I downloaded Kindle for PC and although I was able to read the  table of contents, I was not able to open a specific chapter to read its content. I’m sure there are keyboard commands that allow me to do this. I just need to look them up.

In addition to Kindle, I would appreciate any recommendations for programs that are compatible with JAWS, specifically  designed for reding Ebooks. On a related note, I would ideally like to use the built-in braille display on my Apex, as an additional reading option  though this might not be doable if the book is protected and what formats are compatible with the Apex.

I would appreciate any input regar ding my inquiry.

Best, Justin

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