moderated outlook 2019 with jaws 2019

William Windels


ON my workplace, My office 2013 is updated to office 2019 with jaws 2019.


Some strange things:



When I am in the messagelist, enter is no longer opening the message but I need ctrl+o. Whi could this be?



I placed a menu-item in the quick-access bar and this should be activated with alt+1 (because it’s the first nitem in the quick access bar).

Since jaws has also a hotkey with alt+1 in outlook, I simply delete de alt+1 option in the oudlook.jkm-file.

Here, with outlook 2019, because of a strange reason, I can’t delete the assignement of that key in the outlook.jkm-file.


3. And some outlook related issues:

My signature from office 2013 on this computer is no longer available in the update I use now with outlook 2019.

And, I defined some replacements in the auto-correction section in office 2013 and they are still there but when I type the replacement, the long phrase is not coming up.


Thx in advance for any remarks,


Kind regards,

William Windels

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