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Mike B.

Hi again Dani,
I posted your question to another list and here's a reply:
You can do this by using the “Go To” utility in MS Word.
Open the Go To dialog using CTRL + G..
Beware that the Go To utility is a floating dialog, that remains open while in use.  You will need to use CTRL + Tab, to move between the dialog and the document.  When finished using the Go To utility, return focus to the Go To utility, and close it using CTRL + F4.


- Brad -

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!

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Hi, Everyone.
Using JFW2018 and Word2016 with Win10. I have a large document with
multiple sections that I need to look through. When I do an Ins+F1 JFW
tells me what section I'm on and describes its margins; it also tells
me how many sections my document has. But it seems there is no
keystroke to move between sections. Is that right?


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