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Adrian Spratt

Two thoughts.

First, the symbol marking a new section is ^k. Type these two characters into an MS Word search ()control-f), not a JAWS search (JAWS key-control-f) and press enter. You should be taken to the beginning of a new section. For the record, I haven't tried it because I don't divide documents this way.

Second, there may be another symbol to use when you go into quick navigation mode with JAWS key-z. In this mode, pressing h will take you to the next heading, etc. I haven't looked into whether there's such a symbol for sections.

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Hi, Everyone.
Using JFW2018 and Word2016 with Win10. I have a large document with multiple sections that I need to look through. When I do an Ins+F1 JFW tells me what section I'm on and describes its margins; it also tells me how many sections my document has. But it seems there is no keystroke to move between sections. Is that right?


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