moderated Re: [jfw-users] jaws 2021 public beta


Thanks for the info.   I may end up snagging it when it comes out.

I don't use JAWS myself, but I do occasionally tutor for it, or need to check something out in it, and the 40-minute mode is the bane of my existence.  It's not the 40 minute limitation, as I never take anywhere close to that to figure something out, but that it's not timed from whenever you might happen to want to invoke JAWS, but from when the system was started up (which I think is insanely stupid).  It's not rocket science to set this up such that "now" is recorded in a file, and you get 40 minutes from "now" and cannot get another 40 minutes unless you have rebooted or some period of time from "the last now" has passed.

For those of us who leave our machines up  and running 24/7 for extended periods of time, and who keep lots of work up and running, too, having to reboot to get a "quick check" of something from JAWS is maddening.

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