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Ron Kolesar

Hello, to my fellow JAWS users.
I realize with WLM crashing people left and right, I'm in the process of getting Office suite 2019, unless I can pick up 2020, or even 2021.
Microsoft wants $250.00 for home and business pro, and I'm waiting for a return letter where I might be able to pick up the entire office suite, including out look for around $80.
Here's my situation.
Before, I could abuse the enter key to read my mail for WLM in jaws.
Now I have to not only press the enter key, but control home to go to the top, then tap my left mouse key before I can read the mail.
Is this a sign of WLM decaying on me already?
Also, I'm attempting to copy my contacts.
With the mail package open, I can ctrl three to open up the contacts, I also can either is it ctrl a or is it alt a to select all, but I can't copy nor can I import or export.
I can only import or export mail and or messages.
So, some help to back this info up would be appreciated as well.
Many thanks.
In the good old days of Morse code Shorthand, 73's AKA Best Regards and or Best Whishes,From
Ron Kolesar
Volunteer Certified Licensed Emergency Communications Station
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