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Adrian Spratt


This is not a new feature. It sounds as though the latest update change your existing settings. So:

I haven’t gone through the following process just now except for the first few steps, but here are instructions that should still work:

Open JAWS settings with JAWS key+6 on the number row above the letters. If you want the change to affect only one application, be sure focus is in that application. Otherwise, press shift-control-d for it to affect all programs.

Type v e r in the search box and verbosity will appear.

One of the results that comes up is configure web verbosity. On my system, it’s the first of eight.

Note: this is different from JAWS’ speech verbosity.

Cycle through the options with the spacebar.

Press f6. The current level is verbalized right away.

Tabbing once initiates “Set Web verbosity levels.” The first button is labeled “High.” Tab again to medium and then again to low.

Press spacebar on the button of your choice.

After pressing the button you select, a tree view of checkboxes appears.

Arrow down to “List” and pressed spacebar to uncheck it.

Note: You may wish to look at the other items in this tree view in case you want to disable, or in some cases enable, more options.

Tab twice to Okay and press spacebar.

Be sure to save before closing the dialog. Control-s should do it.


From: <> On Behalf Of Andrew Law
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Subject: List containing 1 items annoying me.


Hi everyone, since the June update, which introduced an update to JAWS reading Aria group names, JAWS now keeps reading “list containing 1 items” or “list containing 3 items”. It is announcing this before many elements on a webpage when tabbing through.

I have contacted FS to request they fix this, I cant believe they introduced a feature that added speech without also adding a setting in the settings center to turn it off.

If this is annoying anyone else can they please also email Freedom Scientific, the more people that complain the higher on the list it will go. I have installed a version I had downloaded from November last year, just so I don’t have to hear it all the time.



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