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JM Casey

That is strange. I have a focus, too, an older one though without the "scratch pad" or whatever they call it. I do not have this happening and cell 1 is certainly being utilised. I now have a broken dot in the middle that's stuck in the up position -- a no doubt mechanical issue I'll need to have resolved at some point, but obviously that's a different sort of thing.
So you're not missing any characters, all lines just start one cell in?
All the time? Do you ever get any character in cell 1 at all?

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Whether it's just a plain old text file and JAWS is set to translate to Grade Two Braille, or it's a braille file, in which case I set JAWS to show it in computer braille, everything always starts in cell 2 on my Focus 40 Blue. Why is this, and how can I fix it? I've been a braille display owner for over five years, and it's always been this way.

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