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Les Kriegler

Hi Mike,

He should be able to arrow up and down with Outlook. The first thing I would do is an Online Outlook repair. I would go to  the search box in Windows and type add/remove and press Enter. That will place him in the Control Panel. He should be able to arrow down and find either Outlook or Office 365. Press Enter on this and he will choose Modify. There are two options now. Quick Repair and Online Repair. I’d choose the second option. It takes about 30 minutes before the process completes. Once done, run Outlook and see if the issue is resolved. If not, a Jaws repair should be run. I do that from the executable file that he should download. The first option is to run a repair. Hope this helps.





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Hi All,


A friend is having the problem below and asks the following.  He's running Windows 10, J2020 latest and Outlook 2016.


 I have a JAWS + Outlook question for you. Do you have any information on how I can make JAWS and Outlook interact more smoothly? Each time I arrow up or down in the inbox, I have to press the JAWS key + the up arrow in order to get it to read the first line of the message before I decide whether I want to open it or not. Is there a way to get it to read just by arrowing up or down? Thanks for your help with this.  


I don't use Outllook 2016 and can't help him.  If anyone knows how to fix this, would you please give him a hand?  It would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much.

Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go dodgers!

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