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David Griffith

The only way I know to get list view in Desktop is via File Explorer.

Windows E then D for Desktop and enter and then I will indeed have the Desktop in list view.

However as others have said simply press windows M to go the actual desktop.


David Griffith


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If you go to your desktop with the Windows key + m or D, keystroke there's not a list view option.  If you look at your View settings from the context menu you'll see what settings are available.  Make sure nothing is selected on the desktop when you open the context menu because if something is highlighted you won't get the View & Sort By options.  If you have the View setting on small icons and only have a few desktop icons it'll appear as if it's a list type view.

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How did you get to the desktop?   If you're viewing it in File Explorer you will likely be in list view.  If you get to it via WinKey+D, you shouldn't be.

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