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QuickBooks Online is very accessible both on the PC and iOS, maybe even more so on iOS.
I have played around with it about a year ago and it was pretty good then, but they are very commited to accessibility and have been making ongoing improvements to QuickBooks Online. This is the subscription model where you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee.
I have been using Sage 50 forever, but I am about to buy a QuickBooks Online subscription shortly for a new company I set up as a holding company, there isn't much volume with respect to transactions or financial data, the company simply owns a building I bought for my retail store. My main business, the one which is the retail business and which has a much larger volume of transactions simply pays a monthly rent amount to the other company and currently there is a bit more going on since I have been renovating the building for the last 3 months. Anyways, my goal is to eventually also switch to QuickBooks with my retail business and to connect it to my point of sale software, using it for the other company allows me to get familiar with it without the pressure to instantly deal with dozens of transactions each day.

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It's an accounting package for individuals or business.


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What is QuickBooks?

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´╗┐Is quick books accessible with JAWS? When I worked with it years ago, it was pretty manageable. Is it still?


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