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JM Casey

Hey, jasmine.


Just a suggestion: to make sure your messages don’t get unduly deleted by list members, try making your subject lines more specific, e.g., “how accessible are the apps from the Microsoft Store?”.


I can sort of answer your first question, though it might not be very satisfying – some are, some aren’t. It’s pretty much just like downloading from anywhere else in that respect – oftentimes you can guess based on what type of programme it is, but mostly you just have to try individual ones for yourself and see. In my experience, most of these sorts of games you listed are not very usable with a screen-reader. But any games you might have had bundled with old windows (I never heard of these you listed though, except for Solitaire) probably have new versions you can test out from the store. There are quite a few solitaire games on there, I know; my former partner got some for her laptop, but she’s sighted and I’m more into interactive fiction type games at least on PC, so these are a bit outside of my purview.


From: <> On Behalf Of Jasmine Kotsay
Sent: September 3, 2020 8:35 PM
Subject: Questions


Hi, everyone!

I hope all are doing well and staying safe! I have a couple of questions.

1. How accessible are the apps that can be gotten from the Microsoft store?

2. If so, has anyone gotten any games from there? I ask this because I miss playing some of the games from both Windows XP and Vista. For instance, I would like to get the Pinball game that was on XP, and the game Purble Place from Vista. I’m also looking for any accessible Solitaire games.





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