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Larry Gassman <larrygassman@...>

Zoom definitely has some accessibility issues with the chat window.

They do know about it and were working on it, but I believe it is time again to remind them to check with regard to there status.



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Subject: Is This a JAWS or a Zoom Problem


Hello All:


I am taking part in a church class via Zoom.  I know how to join the meeting and how to mute and unmute my microphone and I have learned the various keystrokes, but I am having a problem when it comes to chatting in a Zoom meeting.  I talked to the host about it, and she was just as surprised as I was, and what both she and I are curious about is whether it is a JAWS or a Zoom problem.


After I open up the chat window and then tab to the list of people available to chat with the first option there is is to chat with everyone.  When I hit the down arrow key it gives the host’s name.  When I hit it again it goes back to Everyone and after I hit it again it says the host’s name, etc., etc.  It does not give the list of everyone in the meeting, so there is no way I can send a private message to the person I would like to send one to.  The host and I can’t figure out why this is so.  Is this a JAWS gliche or is it a problem with Zoom?




Rick Miller


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