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Les Kriegler

Hi David,

Thanks. Great information. You will see my reply to Alan’s message. It’s interesting as now, when the files open in Acrobat, they are not being downloaded as before. So we are good for now!





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There are a few ways of achieving what you want.

The most important thing is to make sure you have the DropBox Desktop installed as this is not entirely clear from your email.

Depending on how much is in the Cloud and how large her hard disc is the easiest way may be to turn off Smart sync in settings and specify all the folders you want to have definitely available locally to to the lady you are helping.

Another approach is to allow smart sync to continue but to them simply go the the relevant folder and bring up the context menu and find the dropbox options - here you can specify the options for that folder - the options are local and online. This is very similar to the ONeDrive option to “always keep on device” option.

 You of course need to set the folders or files to local to avoid the need to download them. It will take a few minutes to download and catchup.

I am not on a Windows machine at the moment so I cannot give stop by step but if you bring up the context menu in file explorer on your DropBox synched folders you should be able to find the options for local or offline.


David G.


On 3 Sep 2020, at 11:46, Les Kriegler <kriegler01@...> wrote:


Hi All,

I am assisting a lady with Dropbox. Her life partner set up all of her files in the cloud, but not on her machine. He recently died, and she does not know how to use Dropbox to change its behavior.  when she accesses a .pdf file, of which she has many, it downloads and opens in Edge. I downloaded Adobe Acrobat on to her machine and chose to use Adobe as the default when opening .pdf files, but they always open in Edge. I’m guessing this is because they are always downloading from the cloud. I wish to have her files stored on her machine. As I use OneDrive, I’m not familiar with how to accomplish this task. Any assistance will be appreciated.





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