moderated Re: Can I Turn off Speech but Still See Braille?


Insert+Space then S will turn speech on or off. If you want to disable the speech while loading JAWS press InserT+J, press Enter on Options and Enter on Basics. Press Shift+Tab till you find Advanced and press Enter. Shift+Tab to Run JAWS with out speech and check it. Then Tab to OK and hit yes on the warning. Tab to OK and press Enter. Now speech will be disabled while loading JAWS. You can still turn it on by Insert+Space and S.

OZ0TE Jacob

Sep. 2020 at
Dani Pagador <> wrote:

´╗┐Hi, Guys.
Using JFW2018 with Win10 something-or-other. I know that speech can be
turned off temporarily within a program; that it will come back when
you alt+tab away from the program; and that you have to turn it back
off when you alt+tab back to the program.

Is there a way to keep speech off throughout my computer session but
still see Braille on the display?


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