Moderated Re: Capslock key stuck when turning the keyboard to laptop layout

David Diamond

I’m musing if it is not just a dusty keyboard. Cleaning it would fix the problem.   


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Subject: Re: Capslock key stuck when turning the keyboard to laptop layout


If this is really a problem which occurs only with Jaws and  not other screenreader then we can presumably eliminate the possibility of you turning on sticky keys by mistake.

I would first of all try  a   Jaws repair by going to add Remove programs and then hitting the uninstall options which include from memory  an option to repair.

Alternatively run the Jaws installation file again. If the problem persists even after a repair I think you need to run Jaws in default mode.

There is a command for this which somebody else may have to help with as I am on my Mac as my Windows machine has gone off for repair but it is something like go to the run menu with windows R andusing Narrator  type Jaws /default 

As I say somebody else may have to correct my syntax. If the problem persists even with Jaws in default mode I think it is  a call to FS Support..


Finally to eliminate it as a hardware issue plug in an alternative keyboard to see if the problem persist. If the problem disappears it is a problem with your Windows hardware/OS configuration.

David G.

 On 2 Sep 2020, at 00:29, Michael Munn <michaelrbms@...> wrote:


Hi all, hope you are doing good during the laststage of Summer. I'm sending this email just want to ask a question. 

Recently I have been experiencing this issue from my laptop. Every time when I turn the capslock on using Jaws and the keyboard layout is laptop layout it also activated several other modifier keys like Ault and CTRL. This is ticking me off and I'm about to have at it. 

Is The issue only occured when I have Jaws enabled. and the keyboard is laptop layout  and when I turn on the capslock key and other modifier keys turned on at the same time. When I turn the capslock on, I only pressed the Capslock key 

I hope y'all can help me with this regard. 



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