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Marty Hutchings

Please share from which site did you get Geek Uninstaller?  As you know, not all download sites are created equal.
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Subject: Re: Geek Uninstaller

thanks again, Paul. I’ve changed the subject line for relevance, which I meant to do the first time. The shortcut will come in useful, and I see your point about the convenience of the program being contained in a file.


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Hi Adrian,


Sorry for the late reply, pleased the recommendation of Geek uninstaller was helpful. The program itself is a really small portable program, as such it doesn’t actually install anything on your machine, you can just run it whenever you want by just launching the exe file. this is handy, since I have a copy  of geek on a memory stick/USB drive so can run Geek directly from that  on any machine just from the USB drive. You mentioned one program you tried to delete that it only gave you the option to  upgrade that program, rather than delete it. I’ve not had that happen before, but if you ever get that again Geek uninstaller has a force removal option too. you can access this with the shortcut key ‘shift and delete’, I actually haven’t used this function before as haven’t needed it, but I think could come in  handy for those types of programs that have been created in a way to make removal difficult.


Paul Lemm


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Subject: Re: Deleting browsing data in Google Chrome



Thank you for this tip. I downloaded the file and experimented.


I noted in one case where I thought I’d delete a program, it offered, instead, to update it. No removal option. I went through the update process and decided not to remove for now. In another instance, it did remove an unwanted program.


Query: the Geek.exe file doesn’t create a recognized program or a desktop icon, or did I miss a step?


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Subject: Re: Deleting browsing data in Google Chrome




I hope this isn’t straying off topic, but Brian recommended uninstalling using Revo Uninstaller. I agree with him , whenever I uninstall anything from my PC I always use a third party uninstaller to ensure it removes all traces of the program as the windows installer often leaves behind  a lot of unneeded files. I personally use Geek uninstaller (which is free). I’ve used Revo Uninstaller in the past, and although it was accessible I found it wasn’t the easiest to navigate with a screen reader, which is why I use geek, it works well with jaws and is really simple to use, when it opens you are in an edit field where you can type the name of the program you want to uninstall or press escape for a full list of programs currently installed on your machine. I do have to confess though I haven’t used Revo Uninstaller for a long time, so it’s possible they might have improved accessibility since I last used it.


Paul Lemm


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