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Since you have verified that these crashes don't occur when JAWS is not running I would report this to Freedom Scientific by sending a detailed report to


In the meantime have you considered using the June build of JAWS 2020 temporarily until FS can isolate the problem?

Alternatively, have you considered using the touch cursor instead of the JAWS cursor to perform the functions that you need? Out of curiosity why is the JAWS cursor needed in this particular application? What functions does it serve that the virtual cursor doesn't offer?

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On 9/1/2020 2:32 PM, Ayers, David (ITCS) wrote:



For work, I use a financial package, called Munis, that runs with Google Chrome.  Up until last Thursday, 8/27/2020, everything was working ok.  I am using JAWS version 2020.2008.24 and Windows 10 Professional 1909.


Now, when I go into any of the modules and press the JAWS cursor key (numpad minus), Google Chrome crashes.  After a couple minutes, or after pressing the esc key, I get the message that Google Chrome is not responding.  I have deleted the cache and  deleted and reinstalled Chrome with no difference.  I had a sight assistance try to run the modules without JAWS running and it ran fine.  Loading JAWS after the modules were open, results in the same crash.  I tried using MS Edge Chromium and it worked for about a day then it also started to crash att he same point as Chrome.  Unfortunately, JAWS is the only screen reader that will work with these modules.  I have tried NVDA and Narrator, but they don’t give any speech output with these screens.


I am also reaching out to the software vendor to see if they have any ideas.




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